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Eagles Super Draw Update


Unlike the National Lottery and many Charity Lotteries, who have been able to continue making their prize draws due to their operations being primarily funded by online and direct debit payments, the revenue from the Super Draw Lotto comes from a variety of different channels, of which some depend on social interaction.

Our last draw was made on Saturday March 28th and the draws from Saturday April 4th onwards have been deferred until the Office reopens and we have contacted the participants who pay by cash or cheque.

The deferred weekly draws will be made on a Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, until we have caught up and all the draws are up to date.

If you participate in the Super Draw Lotto paying by either Bank Standing Order, Bank Direct Debit or recurring Debit Card, please continue making your regular payment.

No one who has maintained their payments in this way will be disadvantaged and participants will be entered for all deferred draws.

For participants who pay by a Door to Door Collector, an Agent or in the Office you will be contacted when the office reopens, and if you wish, you will be able to make all your outstanding payments to ensure you are eligible for entry to the multiple weekly deferred draws as described above.

Until then, to our Super Draw Agents, lottery participants and our supporters we wish you well, look after yourselves and keep safe.

If you require any further information please ring 0114 253 7216 or 0114 253 7217 or email