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Commercial Corner with Mark Hannigan


In the first Commercial Corner of 2020, Mark Hannigan discusses the club’s temporary move to Castle Park, businesses getting their hands on the 1895 Cup, the upcoming Business Lunch as well as a Business Directory that can be found on the club website.

The club’s sponsors got their first taste of rugby league in 2020 during pre-season as they were invited to an Eagles training session and subsequent meet-and-greet.

Events similar to this are high on Hannigan’s radar, with sponsors getting close to the action and also speaking to players and club officials.

“It’s hugely important to connect with the sponsors,” he said.

“It’s imperative that we get the business support from not just Sheffield but across South Yorkshire too, especially with us moving into the new stadium.”

The first three ‘home’ games for the Eagles will be played at Doncaster Knights’ Castle Park.

Although a slight obstacle for the club as a whole, the hospitality setting at the stadium is certainly an improvement on what Hannigan has had to work with over the past few years.

“Castle Park is a great offering compared to what we have been used to down at the OLP,” he confirmed.

“We are trying our best but it does make it hard when we’re playing outside of Sheffield.

“We are hoping to organise a business event for the Oldham game which is on Wednesday 15th April.

“It will be great to use that as a networking evening for businesses across South Yorkshire, as well as a match day.

“We play Widnes Vikings on Mothers Day at Castle Park so it’ll be good to see some of the sponsors bring their mums along to that game!”

Despite the temporary move away from the Steel City, the loyalty of sponsors has not wavered.

All sponsors have had the chance to get their hands on the 1895 Cup, something the club has made the most of following the Wembley win.

“You only really have to look at the kits; it’s my third season here now and the sponsors haven't changed too much during that time.

"GRI came in as main club partners in 2019 and we also had CTJM Paving and I Love Cosmetics come on board as sponsors too.

“We have others that are wanting to step up and be on that kit so it’s good to have that succession planning and supply chain should anyone decide it isn’t right for them.

“We work very closely with the sponsors and they’re happy with what we do.

“That (1895 Cup tour) is carrying on this week with the trophy heading down to Buckingham Insurance, Mark and myself are going there.

“We are also going to RD Shopfitting, our 2020 Brand for a Grand winners, so the trophy will still be doing the rounds until we give it back in June.”

The popular Eagles Business Lunches are returning once again, with the first taking place at The Genting Club this Friday (28th February).

Hannigan is excited for the event which gives the club an opportunity to speak to current sponsors while also greeting new ones.

The club is also close to launching their Business Directory, a new venture that provides exposure for all.

“We get around 200-250 people attend each event and it’s a time for the whole business community to come together and for us to brief what’s going on with the club, keeping everyone up to date,” Hannigan explained.

“This Friday is the first down at Gentings. We will then look forward to the next three throughout the year, with the last one being in the run-up to Christmas.

“We always try to attract new sponsors to these events but we also have a new offering with the Business Directory which is being populated as we speak.

“It’s £10 a month and we hope it’ll be the first port of call for businesses and supporters when browsing any services they require.”

For more information on the Eagles' commercial opportunities, and how your business can get involved, please click here.

By Dan Fowler