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Three Lions Week Recap


Leading up to the start of the Rugby League World Cup, the Eagles Foundation - in conjunction with the RFL, RLWC2021, Arches School Sports Partnership and Links School Sport Partnership - held Three Lions Week. 

The goal was to bring more youngsters into the sport, whether that is through Wheelchair rugby league, Tag rugby league or full contact rugby league. 

Eagles Wheelchair Rugby League Session - Monday

Wheelchair rugby league is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. The Eagles’ own Wheelchair team is testament to that. 14 people attended Monday’s training session, all of differing ages and skillsets. 

With Sheffield playing a big part in the Wheelchair World Cup - the EIS will host multiple group stage matches and a semi-final double-header - the Foundation have invested in their Wheelchair offering after receiving funding from various groups such as RLWC2021 CreatedBy and the National Lottery. 

Email if you're interested in getting involved.

Greek RL visit to Pathways Academy - Tuesday

Tuesday started off in style as several members of the Greece national team visited a primary school in the north of the city.

Pathways Academy students enjoyed an assembly with the team, who answered questions from the school's Tag rugby league side.

Following the assembly, the tag squad had a brilliant mini training session with the Greeks. The youngsters grew in confidence as the session went on, first building up their strength with tackle bags before getting to throw the ball around.

The tag team would take part in Thursday’s Tag Festival at Handsworth Grange, where they finished second from nine schools - doing the Greeks proud in the process!

Sheffield Forgers X-League - Wednesday

Sheffield Forgers’ X-League sessions restarted on Thursday, with a good number turning out at Davy Sports Centre.

X-League is ‘limited contact’ rugby league which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Click here for a run-through of the game. 

Message the Forgers on Facebook or Twitter for any queries regarding the sessions. 

Eagles Girls and Women Open Training Session - Wednesday

There was also a good turnout for the Eagles Girls and Women Open Training Session at Forge Valley on Wednesday evening. This was despite the conditions as the rain arrived in South Yorkshire.

It has been a monumental year for the Eagles Women, who won promotion to the Championship in the League 1 Playoff Final against Illingworth. 

Now the wheels are in motion for our Girls team to be the next generation of superstars in Red and Gold. 

Fancy a piece of the action? Email for more information.

Primary School Tag Festivals - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Tag rugby league was at the heart of three Primary School Festivals held across the city, with Arches and Links making everything run smoothly.

29 schools took part in the festivals, an amazing achievement as the sport continues to grow in South Yorkshire.

Adam Fuller, of Arches, was interviewed prior to the second Tag Festival and you can watch that by clicking here.

If any juniors do want to start playing rugby league on a regular basis, we have a number of Community Clubs who would be more than happy to welcome them.

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By Dan Fowler