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Learning Disability Rugby League To Take Off With Sheffield Eagles


The Eagles Foundation will launch Learning Disability Rugby League, in partnership with Sheffield Eagles, starting after the Easter weekend with sessions to be held at the Olympic Legacy Park Community Stadium on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm, starting from Tuesday 19th April.

Learning Disability Rugby League (LDRL) is a variant of the game developed to ensure people with a learning disability can access and enjoy playing the game of Rugby League. It is non-contact and very similar to Tag Rugby League.

The Eagles sessions will be accessible and open to any individuals who have a learning disability or an associated condition.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our offering to include Learning Disability Rugby League,” explained Andrea Dobson, the Eagles Foundation’s Development Officer. 

“We’ve have successfully launched our Wheelchair team, our Women’s team is well underway and preparing to make their debut later this month and now our attention can turn to providing playing opportunities to those with learning disabilities. 

“We already have an excellent working relationship with the Sheffield Disability Sport Network and we are looking forward to working with them to promote Learning Disability Rugby League and make this fantastic sport available to even more people in the Sheffield City Region.”

The emphasis in LDRL is on enjoyment, it is generally non-competitive and completely inclusive. The activities are delivered with a view to developing the participants’ skills and confidence while providing new challenges and opportunities. 

Games are played seven-a-side on a quarter pitch, with teams allowed 2 non-disabled players who play as facilitators to ensure the match is both free-flowing and well-balanced.

Games last 40 minutes, played in 2x 20 minute halves and pitch sizes can be modified to suit requirements at festivals or smaller venues.

For more information on Learning Disability Rugby League in Sheffield, contact Andrea Dobson via or 07960 135 699