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"He comes with me everywhere I go!" HTW on Bobby signing


Having played together at a number of clubs, the Tyson-Wilson brothers - Harry and Bobby - are reunited once again - this time at Sheffield Eagles.

The duo started their careers at the Black and Whites of Hull FC and enjoyed stints at York (both), Doncaster (both) and Hunslet (Harry).

Now looking to make their way into a competitive Eagles squad, Harry is happy to see his older brother at the club, saying: “He comes with me everywhere I go!”

“We came through at Hull together, then played with each other at West Hull and now we’re both here at Sheffield.

“I want to play alongside my brother as much as I can so it was great to hear he had signed.

“As far as I am aware, Tubbs likes us to play some off-the-cuff rugby and that’s exactly what Bobby is.

"Bobby throws a lot of offloads but he has to prove himself to get into the team, just like myself.

“If he does get into the team, he can add something.”

Harry has settled well to new surroundings in South Yorkshire and this has been helped by a strong Hull contingent within the squad.

“Pre-season has been good so far and I think I’ve settled in very well,” he added.

“It’s been made a bit easier as we have got quite a few lads in from Hull.

“I’ve settled in as good as I could expect.”

One member of the ‘Hull Bus’ is Anthony Thackeray, a key figure of the Eagles squad and someone that could play a vital role in the development of Tyson-Wilson.

Thackeray’s experience is immense and a perfect tonic to Tyson-Wilson’s growth, but the 23-year-old is also enjoying the advice of Head Coach Mark Aston as well as fellow youngster Izaac Farrell.

“It’s obvious that Thacks is the dominant half-back from a couple of sessions that I’ve seen,” Tyson-Wilson said.

“Tubbs is giving me loads of advice, at every point he’s giving me little bits of info that I can learn from as I go.

“You can also see that Izaac has quality, too.

“I am learning from all three (Tubbs, Thacks and Izaac) at the moment.

“We (Harry and Izaac) are both pretty young half-backs and with Tubbs being an ex-half and Thacks who has been there and done it, it’s good for us.

“With Thacks there, it does take a bit of pressure off us but we still have to perform.”

By Dan Fowler, photo by Alex Coleman