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Isolation Picks - By Blake Broadbent


First off, I just hope everyone and their family and friends are keeping safe during this tough time.

Although I’m still working from home, evenings and weekends have become free with the suspension of the season.

Apart from keeping up with training from home, I’ve been keeping myself busy through playing Call of Duty with my mates and rewatching my favourite shows and movies. 

Top 3 Films

1. Scarface -  the best film ever made, not much more needs to be said. Nice and long too which will help waste time! 

2. Coach Carter - As a sports lover this is one of my favourite films, teaches some great life lessons too! 

3. Happy Gilmore - A nice lighthearted film to lift the mood, never fails to crack me up 

Top 3 TV Series 

1. Prison Break (season 1 only!) - The best tv series ever made, until after season 1 when they ruined it 

2. Breaking Bad - 2 men running an illegal business in the middle of nowhere, what’s not to love?  

3. The Office US - Every episode will have you laughing, far better than the U.K. version (sorry Jamesy) 

Top 3 Books 

1. Da Vinci Code - amazing book and a proper thriller, far better than the film although most books are 

2. Harry Potter - Can’t pick a single book the entire series is a must read! 

3.  A Game of Thrones - The book to which the series is based on, I’m not the biggest of  the TV show but I really enjoy the books (weird I know) 

Top 5 Tracks 

1. The Way Life Goes - Lil Uzi Vert 

2. Pink & White - Frank Ocean 

3. Location - Dave 

4. The Ways - Khalid & Swae Lee 

5. Tribe - Bas & J Cole