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We are delighted that in line with Government Guidance home fans are once again entitled to attend Sheffield Eagles matches. We have changed our operating practices to ensure that we comply with Government and RFL guidance and regulations. 

This guide is intended to advise you of those changes and provide you with other information that you need to know in advance of attending any match at The Keepmoat Stadium.

As you will appreciate the situation in relation to Covid-19 is constantly evolving we will seek to keep you updated as to any changes to our operating practices via the Club website and social media.

Whilst this guide relates to matches at The Keepmoat Stadium, the restriction on only home fans attending matches is a Government requirement across all grounds. Fans of Sheffield Eagles are therefore not entitled to attend our away matches.  Whilst we understand how keen you will be to do so; it is imperative that you comply with this prohibition to demonstrate how responsible our fans are and therefore support the return to being able to attend all matches in the near future.   


Only spectators with valid match tickets bought in advance of the match may attend matches at The Stadium.

Spectators will be able to purchase match tickets from Sheffield Eagles Club Office or Online at the Sheffield Eagles Website. This will be up until the day before the match in order that the ground can prepare accordingly.

Spectators will only be able to purchase match tickets as individuals unless a group booking is made by individuals from the same household or the same social bubble as per Government guidance please see here:

This is to ensure appropriate Social Distancing at the ground.

Prior to purchasing tickets, you will be asked to:

  1. Ensure that you have read the following Spectator Code of Behaviour for the Keepmoat Stadium
  3. Ensure that you considered the associated risks of attending a match and your own vulnerability status via the following links:
  6. Provide accurate contact information for everyone attending in your group to assist with NHS test and trace requirements,
  7. ‘opt in’ to confirm that you understand all the above statements and will abide by all requirements
  8. Confirm you will abide by all other requirements the Club may set out in advance of the match including but not limited to [temperature checking and the use of face coverings]
  9. Confirm that you are a fan of Sheffield Eagles

>  Seats will be allocated with according to current social distance guidance. Seats spacing will be used between separate bookings to seek to ensure compliance with Social Distancing Guidelines.

>  When purchasing a match ticket, spectators will be asked how they are travelling to the match to assist the Clubs planning with local transport providers about the likely impact on services and to assess their own available services such as parking spaces.

>  When purchasing a match ticket this can only be for home games, away fans are not permitted to travel and attend a game.

>  Upon purchasing a match ticket, the Club will send electronic confirmation that you will abide the Spectator Code of Behaviour and have confirmed you are aware of the associated risks of attending a match.

>  Spectators with disabilities when purchasing match tickets should contact the Club ticket office and discuss what adjustments may be required to be made by the Club, including in light of Covid-19 regulation.


>  No general food and beverage kiosks will be open on matches days

>  All financial transactions will be contactless

>  Toilet and first aid facilities will be open. Toilet block are clearly signposted and have social distance queue markings and maximum limits. The area will be monitored by stewards and a cleaning protocol is in place.


>  Hand sanitisation stations will be positioned at entry areas, soap dispenser are available in the toilet blocks.

>  Face coverings will be mandated indoors and in all covered communal/covered areas including on entry and in concourses, queues, toilets etc and are strongly encouraged to be worn outdoors due to the higher risk of transmission associated with singing and shouting.


Sheffield Eagles encourages all spectators to avoid crowded areas, specifically those that are indoors to reduce the risk of infection and encourage all spectators to come directly from home to the ground.

Sheffield Eagles advises all spectators to avoid public transport where possible. Where unavoidable spectators should ensure they are compliant with government guidance such as face coverings.

Where spectators use public transport, please ensure you comply with the operators’ instructions and allow plenty of time.

Where spectators travel by car, please note the routes to the are clearly route marked. The stadium will have on site parking to purchase on a first come first serve basis.

Where spectators travel foot or bicycle where we have limited cycle parking.


Spectators will receive a message on the day of the match and on the Sheffield Eagles website to remind of risks associated with attending and to consider any symptoms they may have before travelling.

In accordance with the Spectator Code of Conduct, spectators should not attend the match if they (or any member of their household) are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  1. a high temperature (37.8 of higher); or
  2. a new onset of a continuous cough; or
  3. loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell

In addition, and again outlined within the Spectators Code of Conduct, spectators should not attend if they have been requested to isolate by NHS Track and Trace.


> Entrance and exit times will be controlled so that everyone can enter and exit in a controlled and safe manner.

> Spectators should arrive by and exit at the specified time stated by the Club for the area of the stadium they are seated in.

> The Club is using all East Stand Turnstile entrances and exits in relation to Sheffield Eagles match tickets.

> The following entrances are to be used with respect of emergency access. The emergency access route is at the side of Car Park 2.

> [Spectators may be subject to temperature checking] [If a spectator’s temperature is over 37.8, they may be refused access to the ground.

> Spectators are asked to limit the number of bags they bring to the ground to avoid the build-up of queues in this area’. All Spectators are reminded about those items which are prohibited


> Please remember that there must be no waiting outside the stadium.


> Spectators shall remain within their seats at all times unless accessing the facilities.

Spectators are required to follow all Social Distancing guidelines, [One meter with mitigation) and the instructions of all stewards.

> To assist spectators, signage has been installed throughout the stadium, spectators should follow this signage when moving around the ground including when accessing any facilities.

> Spectators are responsible for ensuring supervision of children in their care.

> The Club will notify all spectators via the PA system about the importance of Social Distancing and other appropriate measures in place at the stadium.

> The Club will remind all spectators via the PA system about the exiting procedures which have been circulated to all spectators prior to the match

> Spectators are remined to frequently use the hand sanitisers provided.

> Spectators are reminded that many people attending matches will be understandably nervous about attending events with people outside of their social households and bubbles. It is therefore important, in line with the RFL Respect and Enjoy the Game campaigns to be understanding of others by complying with all Codes of Conducts and guidance issued.

> Spectators wishing to report concerns about spectator behaviour should contact the following number 07825012850.


> Spectators who become ill whilst at the ground must, where possible, contact the following number 07825012850 in order that the situation can be managed accordingly.

> Spectators who are displaying suspected Covid-19 symptoms will be taking to an isolation room contained within the ground.




1. Sheffield Eagles ('Club Management') reserves the right of admission to the ground. On no account will admission be granted to a person who is the subject of a current Exclusion order or a person convicted of any football related offence.

2. All matches will be played in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Rugby Football League.

3. Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on a particular day or a particular time. The club management reserves the right to change its advertised fixtures without notice or liability.

4. Sheffield Eagles reserves the right to refuse admission to the ground, to any person(s) who refuse to be searched by any servant, agent or third party hired on behalf of the club or by any on duty member of the Police service.

5. In the event of a match being postponed or abandoned, any refund of the admission charge will be at the sole discretion of the Club management. This is subject to a time limitation, the details of which are obtained from the Sheffield Eagles Club Office. Persons entering the ground are advised to retain their ticket, as this may be required to be produced at a later date.

6. The following items are not permitted within the stadium and may be confiscated: flares, fireworks, smoke canisters, knives, bottles, glasses, cans, flags, banners, poles, similar articles and containers which might be used as a weapon or missile, stools, crates, fold-up chairs, pushchairs and children’s car seats.

7. The throwing of any object within the Ground is strictly forbidden.

8. It is an offence to use foul and abusive language, obscene chanting or racial abuse. Action will be taken against any individual(s) indulging in such acts which may result in explusion, banning orders and further action from the police.

9. Unauthorised persons are strictly forbidden from entering upon the field of play, unless advised to do so in the case of an emergency. Individuals entering upon the field of play without permission may be charged with aggravated trespass resulting in a ban from the ground.

10. The obstructing of gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and / or similar places and standing in seated areas whilst play is in progress is strictly forbidden.

11. The climing of any structure within the Ground is strictly forbidden.

12. Any person(s) attempting to gain admission to the ground or found within a restrictive area without the appropiate authorisation may be ejected from the ground and be given a banning order.

13. The action of taking photographs or video footage inside of the ground is strictly limited to those authorised by the Sheffield Eagles. This includes Press & Media representatives holding official RFL Accreditation and authorised opposition staff. Recording within the ground for any purposes, public or private, is not permitted except without written prior consent by the club. 

14. Only persons specifically authorised in writing by the Club Management are permitted to distribute either without charge or offer for sale within the Ground any newspapers, periodicals, any other articles or any form of product or service.

15. Any person found damaging or defacing property within the Stadium will be prosecuted.

16. Persons failing to comply with instructions from Club Management, Steward(s) or any other authorised agent of the Club may be ejected from the Ground.

17. Sheffield Eagles reserves the right for its servants and agents to remove from the ground any person who does not comply with these Ground Regulations, the Rules and Regulations of the RFL and the Safety of Sports Grounds Acts 1975 or whose presence within the Ground is, or could, reasonably be construed as constituting a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to any other person.

18. Any food or drink, including alcohol being brought into the ground is strictly forbidden and will only be permitted at the discretion of the Club Managment or servants / agents of the club and will be handled on a case by case basis. 

19. All young persons have a right to be safe and enjoy activities at the ground. Please ensure that any children under the age of 16 are accompanied by a responsible adult. In the event of an incident involving a junior within the ground, the adult will be held totally responsible.

20. Smoking is not permitted within the ground – this includes electronic cigarettes. We treat electronic cigarettes as lit cigarettes. As the ground is currently classed as 'open air' discretion may be given by club managment or servants / agents acting on behalf of the club. Discretion will be given on a case by case basis.

21. All attendees at the ground consent to being filmed or recorded (images and sound) by or on behalf of us, the Organiser or another authorised third party, and consent to their images (or likenesses) being used in any film, recording, photograph or other footage (“Recording”) of the Event. All rights in the Recording shall be owned by the Organiser, authorised third party or us absolutely. You agree that any Recording may be used by us, the Organiser or authorised third party in any media and for any purpose throughout the world, including, without limitation, for promotional materials and activities, merchandise, DVD’s or other commercial activities. No payment or compensation for use of your image or likeness shall be payable to you. 

22. All persons entering the ground are admitted only subject to their acceptance of the above Ground Regulations. Entry to the ground is on this condition and if you are in breach of the rules and regulations you will be removed from the ground.

23. During match day entertainment (pre, half time and post-match) there will be use of pyrotechnics, flashing floodlights, special effects and flash photography used.

24. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Club hereby excludes any liability for the loss, injury of damage to persons/property in or around the Ground.

25. Sheffield Eagles generally welcome flags and music instruments (drums, trumpets etc.) however rules and regulations govern this stance. This includes:

Flag poles should not exceed 1m in length.

- Club Management reserves the right to confiscate any flags that do not comply with the ground regulations and in particular any flags the content of which is offensive, inflammatory, defamatory or discriminatory.
- The obstruction of gangways, access routes, exits, entrances Health and Safety Signage is strictly prohibited.
- Any use of overhead flags must have the permission of the Ground Safety Officer prior to use. These flags must be fireproofed (fire retardant) and the fire safety certificate must be produced to the Ground Safety Officer prior to use. Flags must not be used in such a way as to restrict the views of other spectators.
- Spectators wishing to bring any Flags or instruments must contact and gain consent from Club General Manager Liam Claffey by emailing

26. In line with all other grounds & stadia, Sheffield Eagles reserve the right to carry out bag searches as a condition of entry to the ground.

27. Sheffield Eagles are a tenant of the Olympic Legacy Park ground facility only and not the surronding public spaces and as such reiterate point 24 of the Ground Regulations.

Published by the Sheffield Eagles 2000 Ltd in accordance with RFL Operational Rules.