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Sharing the Heritage of Sheffield Eagles

What is the Idea?

The Include Foundation and Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Club are preparing an application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

If this application is successful it would fund a new, two year project running from 2020 to 2022 that looks at the heritage of the Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Club.

There are many stories to be told and shared about the club, the coaches, the players and the fans.

These stories have never been collected or shared and this project is an opportunity to look back to where the club has come from but also to look forward as the club moves to its new ground and the Rugby League World Cup comes to Sheffield in 2021.

What will the Project do?

The project is all about involving people, whether they are existing fans, local residents, students, heritage enthusiasts or those just interested in the project. It will:

• Collect people’s stories: Bringing together the memories and stories of fans, players, coaches and board members to provide a history of the club and what it means to people. This will be through special events, talks, interviews, recordings, open days and research in archives.
• Collect memorabilia and information: Looking at the programmes, shirts, flags, badges, photos, documents and other items that fans and the club have to create a digital archive of the club.
• Provide training for volunteers: Volunteers will be closely involved in the project through researching archives, interviewing people, recording information and guiding the project. Therefore training and support will be given to help them.

These memories and items will then be brought together and used to create a definitive history of the club to be shared with others through:

• A website
• A series of exhibitions
• A film, audio and photographic archive
• Special heritage events and talks
• A film and audio recording
• Leaflets, pamphlets and resources packs

What are the some of the stories to look at?

The story of the Sheffield Eagles is one of high and lows since their first game on the 2nd September 1984. There are many stories the project could focus on, but some of the initial thoughts are:

• Nomadic existence
• Formation of the original club
• Merger
• Formation of the “phoenix” club
• Players from around the world
• Challenge Cup win in 1998
• Back to Back Championship Champions
• 1895 Cup win in 2019
• First game in Super League
• Supporters memories
• The Club Crest and it's recent change

What happens next and how can YOU help?

We are looking to develop the full application over the next few months and if it is approved by the Heritage Fund we’d look to have the project starting from September 2020.

To help get your feedback on, and support for, the project we’ve got a series of questions, you don’t have to answer all of them but we would appreciate your thoughts.

• Do you think the project is a good idea? If so why?
• Would you like to be involved? If so in what way? Volunteering? Sharing your stories? Attending events?
• What are the key stories in the Sheffield Eagles history we should focus on?
• What kind of events or activities would you like to see as part of the project?
• If you had to share one memory of the Sheffield Eagles what would it be?

If you have any questions about the project, would like further information or would like to be involved then please email