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Sheffield Eagles to face Swinton Lionesses


For their second league game of the season, the Eagles will face Swinton Lionesses away, kicking off at 2pm on Sunday 22nd May at Folly Lane ARLFC, Swinton.

After their second victory of the season against Nottingham Outlaws, the Eagles will play Swinton Lionesses this weekend.

Similarly to the Eagles, Swinton are undefeated in the league thus far having beaten both Rochdale Hornets and Illingworth in tough games.

This top of the table battle will be sure to be one of the Eagles' toughest games. 

However, newly appointed vice-captain Sarah Palmer is confident of the team's preparation and skill, she comments ahead of the game

“I am feeling confident and proud going into this game, which we hope to be another victory!”

“We are all pumped for the challenge and I can’t wait to play alongside the team. 

“As vice-captain I’m privileged to play a part in leading such a committed group of talented players.”

Making her debut appearance for the Eagles this week is prop Katie Miller, who will bring her experience and strength to an already strong line up.

Sheffield Eagles:

  1. Ellie Tiffin
  2. Clara Reynolds
  3. Chris Scullion
  4. Claire Fisher
  5. Tori Thomas
  6. Hannah Crowe
  7. Sarah Palmer (VC)
  8. Capucine Auger
  9. Agnes Wood
  10. Jessica Sayles
  11. Charlotte Johnstone
  12. Beth Arnold
  13. Pete Lendon (C)
  14. Chloe Askew
  15. Katie Miller
  16. Simone Saunders
  17. Kennedy Nuttall
  18. Molly Haglington
  19. Isobel Stevens
  20. Helen Teas

By Chris Scullion