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Isolation Picks - By Ryan Millar


In the latest Isolation Picks, Eagles winger Ryan Millar steps up to the plate and tells us his favourites in TV, Film, Literature and Music.


Kill Bill – Just a great Tarantino film. Loads of action, great music and some of the camera work is really clever.

The Prestige – I remember watching this when I was younger and absolutely loving it. I’m not sure if the twist at the end would actually be that good now that I’m an adult, but at the time I was right on the edge of my seat.

1917 – I thought this film was an 8/10 when I watched it in the cinema, but the more I read about how they filmed it and what they had to go through to get it right just blows my mind!

TV Shows

Peaky Blinders – I grew up in Birmingham…

Luther – I think everyone loves this show. It’s British TV at its best. Idris Elba makes the show, but Alice is also a great psycho sidekick.

Suits – It’s taking me months to get through this because I don’t watch too much TV, and although it’s getting a bit slow and predictable in the last couple seasons, the first few seasons of this a great. It’s definitely made me think about changing career.


The Sun Does Shine – This is a true story about a man who spends 30 years on death row in America after being convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. Although it is really intense at times, it is also strangely inspiring and uplifting. Easily the best book I’ve ever read.

Other Minds – A really fascinating book about evolution and the nature of consciousness. It’s focus is on the octopus, but it reveals a lot about how the intelligent brain has developed over millions of years.

Life Of Pi – I don’t read much fiction, but this is fantastic. It’s amazingly written and 10x better than the film.


All We Got – Chance The Rapper

Waves – Kanye West

DNA – Kendrick Lamar

My Shot – Hamilton Mixtape

Mr. Fete – Machel Montano (Give this a listen if you need a feel-good tune from the islands!)

Graphic by Alex Coleman