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Isolation Picks - By James Glover


In the second instalment of 'Isolation Picks', Eagles centre James Glover chooses his favourite films, boxsets and songs. 

The Eagles will be creating an 'Isolation Playlist' based on all the players' picks and you can find this on Spotify soon!


Step Brothers - My all time favourite film, can watch this on repeat and never get bored! Know it word for word easily! 10/10

The Greatest Showman - I’ll be honest I’m a sucker for a musical and again I probably know this film word for word! Jimmy doesn’t look too bad on that horse too! 9/10

Remember The Titans - Don't get how this is a Disney film but.. Denzel is ya boy, one of the greatest actors of all time! An inspirational movie and touches a few heart strings at the end! 10/10


Power - Can get hooked to this in minutes and binge the whole thing! Didn’t have the greatest of endings to the last series but well worth a watch! 7/10

Luther - If you like crime box sets then this is the one for you, Idris Elba is also ya boy! 10/10

Shooter - Exactly like the film but in a boxset format and looks deeper into his life, does mess with your head but if you like action and conspiracy this is a good one! 8/10

Top 5 Songs 

Westlife - Tell Me What Makes A Man
JLS - Eyes Wide Shut 
Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca
Labrinth - Jealous
N-Dubz - Best Behaviour