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Getting To Know You: Brian Moore - Eagles Kitman


In the first instalment of 'Getting To Know You', detailing the different roles undertaken by Eagles staff, kitman Brian Moore talks us through his job and how he got involved. 

Role at the club and what it entails:

I am the kit man. I wash the kits. (Editor: Straight to the point but we did ask for it..) 

When did you become involved:

I became involved around 2003/2004.

How did it come about, who told you about the role: 

The whole interview happened when the team used to meet at Hillsborough Arena to get on the bus for the away matches.

I used to always be down there and they were going one week and Tubby (Mark Aston) asked me if I was going to the match. I couldn’t as I was skint at the time.

He asked me if I’d like to go, and of course I said yes.

He shouts over to the kit man at the time: “GRAHAM! We’ve found him!”

Graham sticks his head out of the coach, says “Found what?”

I said the same and Tubbs said “Brian will do it when you’re off. When you go to America, Brian will do it!”

I said “do what?” He replied “You can be the kit man!” That’s how it went, really!

First memory from the role:

I can’t remember that first match as I was quite in awe really as I’d never really been in a dressing room before. I usually paid to watch these guys!

One of my earliest games was at Workington and it isn’t the best facility in the world.

They wanted me to put the kit out, fill the water bottles up, and I thought I’d never last in the role as I might end up lamping somebody. I’ve mellowed since then!

Favourite memory from the role:

The finals we got to were brilliant and Wembley was great too.

The Batley final was one of the best, I never thought we were going to lose that even when we were down at half-time.

Job outside of Rugby League: 

I am a postman, a key worker! Doomed forever to be wandering the mountains of Shiregreen.


Thank you to Brian for his time! 

By Dan Fowler, photo by Alex Coleman