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Eagles Women Roar Past Lionesses


Sunday saw the Eagles bounce back with a win against Featherstone Lionesses, in their first game at the Olympic Legacy Park. This impressive result has pushed the Eagles up to second place in the league table.  

The game began with the Eagles kicking off to the Lionesses, the Eagles had swiftly regained possession and with strong carries from the forwards they pushed the Lionesses back into their own ten. A crash ball off the ruck saw Beth Arnold exploit a gap in the Featherstone defensive line and dash the last few metres to ground the ball at just two minutes on the clock. Danie Green successfully converted to add the extras 

The return kick saw the Eagles’ defence tested, however they remained strong, showing their physicality. 11 minutes into the game, number 9 Agnes Wood broke the Lionesses’ defensive line and sprinted thirty metres to score under the sticks - giving Green a clear shot at goal to successfully add the extras. 

Eagles fullback Ellie Tiffin caught the return kick from the Lionesses, gaining the Eagles valuable metres. Several strong carries followed resulting in the Eagles once again pushing Featherstone into their own ten. A pick and go from the ruck saw Wood dodge a defender and ground the ball to score her second try of the game, just 3 minutes after her first. 

A series of errors followed, resulting in scrums for both sides. The Eagles remained level headed and after regaining possession they worked their way back towards the try line where Arnold stepped a defender and dashed the last ten metres to score. The Lionesses’ return kick saw the Eagles reply with dominant tackles to hold back Featherstone’s attacking sets. Once back in possession, Simone Saunders made the most of a gap in the defensive line and handed off a remaining defender to score on the wing. Unfortunately the angle proved too wide to convert. This left the score at half time at an impressive 24-0 to Sheffield. 

At six minutes into the second half, the Eagles had worked their way over into the Lionesses’ half. Green skillfully scooped up the ball from a loose offload, and swerved around the scattered Featherstone defenders to ground the ball right under the sticks - setting herself up perfectly to convert her own try. 

The following sets saw the Eagles gain ground by making use of Green and Thomas on their left wing. Then a crash ball inside from Sarah Palmer to Pete Lendon saw the Eagles captain charge through three defenders and ground the ball under the sticks and add their name to the scoreboard. Green kicked to add the extras. Just five minutes later, the Eagles were back in Featherstones’ half. At twenty metres out, the powerhouse prop Katie Miller broke the defensive line, skittling defenders in her wake, and grounded the ball to the left of the posts - scoring her debut try for the Eagles.  

Tiring slightly, the Eagles made an unfortunate knock on in their own twenty, resulting in the Lionesses pushing for the try line. After managing to hold the Lionesses up over the line on their first attempt, number 4 Jess Jackson barged through the remaining defenders to score on the left of the sticks, gaining the Lionesses their first points of the match. Unfortunately they were unable to convert to add the extras.  

Not to be deterred, the Eagles carried on fighting until the end - with just one minute left on the clock Capucine Auger took her chance and pushed her way through the Lionesses to stretch out and ground the ball over the try line. Leaving the final score a resounding 44-4 to the Eagles. 

Players of the match: 

Simone Saunders and Beth Arnold: Both played an excellent game in the second row. Both made some big tackles, awesome carries, got their names on the scoreboard, and played a full 80 minutes each.  

Danie Green: Green made some big carries, had great reactions for counter plays and solid kicking as always.

Lisa Parker: In her debut game for the Eagles Parker made an awesome impact, with great tackling and a dominant performance - welcome to the squad! 

Sheffield Eagles 

1 Ellie Tiffin, 2 Chris Scullion, 3 Claire Fisher, 4 Danie Green, 5 Tori Thomas, 6 Tayler Coates, 7 Sarah Palmer (VC), 8 Capucine Auger, 9 Agnes Wood, 10 Jessica Sayles, 11 Simone Saunders, 12 Beth Arnold, 13 Pete Lendon (C), 14 Lisa Parker, 17 Chloe Askew 

17 Dawn Woodcock, 18 Kate Fletcher, 19 Aiden Cottrell-Callbeck, 22 Jenny Crofts, 25 Katie Miller 

Tries: Beth Arnold (2,23), Agnes Wood (11,14), Simone Saunders (32), Danie Green (46), Pete Lendon (55), Katie Miller (60), Capucine Auger (79)  

Goals: 4/9  

Featherstone Lionesses 

1 Evie Simpson (C), 2 Jess Tarbuck, 3 Maisy Houchin, 4 Jess Jackson, 5 Natalie Ward, 6 Chelsea Senior, 7 Chloe Burkhill, 8 Jade Morgan, 9 Alyssa Courtney, 10 Dannii McPhail, 11 Naomi Gelder, 12 Chloe Maden, 13 Livv Beresford, 14 Jess Wortley, 15 Jodie Daily 

Tries: Jess Jackson (64) 

Goals: 0/1