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Eagles Women defeat Lunas


Sheffield Eagles Women returned home to Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park to face league contenders Warrington Lunas in what was to become the classic game of two halves.

The first six minutes were an even affair with neither side gaining any ascendancy, after which the Eagles managed to trap the Lunas in their own half often due to their own unforced errors.

Eventually the pressure told and in the 12th minute Capucine Auger went on a multiple side stepping run from 20m out to touch down just to the right of the posts which Danie Green converted. Score 6-0.

Straight from the restart the Eagles came back strongly moving the ball about and driving up from their 10m to the Lunas 20. On the last tackle some good heads up play spurned the kick, instead moving the ball out left to a strong running Green who crossed to score in the 15th minute for 10-0, unfortunately failing to convert her own try.

From the restart the Eagles made their way up the field again to camp out in the Lunas half. Again the pressure told in the 20th minute culminating in a short burst from 10m out by Auger touching down by the post, successfully converted by Green to bring the score up to 16-0.

In the 27th minute a very long injury stoppage forced both teams off field awhile.

On resumption the Eagles struggled to get out of their half for a few minutes but eventually managed to put in a strong set taking them up to the Lunas 10 centre field. This time a last tackle kick was sent left cross field just low enough to interest a defender’s touch but too high to catch. A smartly timed onside chase and Ellie Tiffin grounded the loose ball about 5m in from touch-in-goal for 20-0 in the 33rd minute. Conversion unsuccessful.

The remainder of the half played out with the Eagles mostly in stout defence.

Half-time: Sheffield Eagles Women 20-0 Warrington Lunas

Due to the long stoppage for the earlier injury a shortened break was taken.

In the first half the Lunas had tried to exploit the edges several times. In the 45th minute it finally worked and they crossed for an unconverted try out on the Eagles right edge.

A period of stalemate ensued punctuated with neither side gaining any ascendancy through unforced errors which eventually proved costly for the Eagles with a scrum to the Lunas on the Eagles left edge 10m out. Ensuing Lunas wide play found a hole on the Eagles right edge again for a second unconverted try in the 62nd minute. Score 20-8.

Four minutes later and the Eagles right edge was found out again, this time defending against a three-player overlap. A 66th minute Lunas try, this time closer to the posts and easily converted. Score 20-14.

However the Lunas then knocked on the kick restart. In the ensuing set from the scrum, Green forced her way over in the 70th minute at the left side of the posts which she again converted. Score 26-14.

What a difference a try makes. The Eagles stiffened their right edge and resolve, seeing out the remaining ten minutes to secure the win.

Full-time: Sheffield Eagles Women 26-14 Warrington Lunas

Player of the Match for the Eagles went to second rower Beth Arnold.

Although not on the scoreboard, her tireless and immense defensive contribution and strong carries were fundamental to the win.