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Aaron Brown Q+A


Ahead of tomorrow's fixture against Halifax Panthers, Dan Fowler caught up with loose forward Aaron Brown to discuss victory over Swinton, the return of Joel Farrell and Brad Knowles as well as the Eagles' last fixture against the Panthers.

DF: Aaron, we go into this Sunday’s match after beating Swinton two weeks ago. How good was it to get back to winning ways, especially after coming so close against Dewsbury?

AB: It was great to get back winning. We needed that bit of a boost as we were pretty close against Dewsbury. It wasn’t ideal getting a draw against them but we had a chat ahead of the Swinton game, we wanted to come back with the win and get the ball rolling again. Thankfully we did get that. 


DF: Obviously it shows as just a normal win on the league table but it must be a good feeling to get on the right side of a result after digging deep in a game? 

AB: Swinton are a good team and they throw the ball about well, attacking from pretty much everywhere. We knew what was coming at us and I thought we did quite well to get the win at the end of it. 


DF: We have had the return of Joel Farrell and Brad Knowles in recent weeks, how important are those two to the team? 

AB: They are massive to us. They bring that bit of aggression and go-forward that we were missing. They’re both experienced Championship players and it was great to get them back, especially after we had a few bad results. 


DF: Halifax are the visitors this weekend. What are you expecting from them? 

AB: It will be another tough game, as it always is in the Championship. Halifax should be up there by the end of the season with the squad they’ve got. They have a big forward pack, good outside backs and ball players. It will be a tough one but we’ll put a plan together and hopefully come through the other side. 


DF: They beat us rather convincingly at The Shay in our last fixture against them. How motivated will the lads be to set the record straight this weekend?

AB: It’s one of the things we should look at, to try and get one back over them. It should be motivating quite a few of the lads as they embarrassed a bit when we played them at The Shay. 


DF: We’ve had our fair share of injuries this year but how impressed have you been with the young lads that have come into the team? 

AB: Quite a few of them have done well. Travis Corion on the wing has looked really good at Championship level. He is a big lad who runs the ball back well and is very competitive. The likes of Jordan Bull have also done well for us too. He’s quite versatile on the edges. A few of them are looking good and it keeps everyone on their toes, knowing there’s always someone that can come in for them.