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Eagles unveil New Club Crest for New Era

11th November 2019, 12:49

Eagles unveil New Club Crest for New Era

Sheffield Eagles are proud to introduce today (Tuesday 12 November 2019) our brand-new club crest.

The new crest replaces the previous incarnation of the Eagles logo, which in various forms has been used since the our inception back in 1984.

Various versions of that logo were used throughout the 80’s and 90’s with the current version being used since the club re-formed back in late 1999.

The logo was an adaptation of the then Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles logo and the decision was made this year to create a new club crest to allow Sheffield Eagles to have a fresh and updated brand identity as we move into an exciting period for the club and rugby league within the city.

With construction of the new stadium at the Olympic Legacy Park due to begin imminently and the Rugby League World Cup coming to the city in 2021 it is a pivotal and crucial time for the club and the sport particularly over the next two years but also beyond.

The new crest is the culmination of over 10 months of work behind the scenes with consultation with key stakeholders. Supporters were consulted via an online survey on a potential change earlier this year with around 100 supporters responding to the extensive survey.

The key results of that survey were:

  • Should ‘Sheffield’ remain in a new club crest? – 91% stating Yes
  • Should ‘Eagles’ remain in a new club crest? – 94% stating Yes
  • Should the club colours (Red and Gold) be used in a new club crest? - 89% stating Yes
  • On average on a scale of 1-10 the average score on ‘liking’ the club’s current logo was 6.2 / 10

Plenty on additional comments were provided in terms of what a potential new club crest should look like and include, and all these were taken into consideration.

A small minority (16%) stated their desire for the club crest to not be changed whilst a sizeable number wished for either the club’s year of birth (1984) or some form of history to be included.  

Along with supporters, major sponsors, the club’s board and a group of players and staff have been kept abreast of the various updates and designs to the club crest with their views taken on board resulting in the new club crest.

The crest incorporates ‘Sheffield, ‘Eagles’, The Red & Gold brand colours along with ‘Est. 1984’ considering the club’s short but rich history.

Speaking of the new crest, Eagles General Manager Liam Claffey said, “We are really pleased with the new design and our thanks go to Lewis Totty who helped design the logo over the past year.

“This is a big change for the club and so we’ve taken our time and consulted throughout the process with supporters and other key stakeholders.

“The old logo had become dated and the way it’s designed makes it difficult to be used across various platforms easily.

“That’s not to say the old logo doesn’t represent a huge and proud history of the club and will always be a part of our story as we continue moving forward.

“The new club crest is easier to use from a design point, we for the first time have brand guidelines and whilst we understand some may not have wanted this change, we hope they can see this as a required and positive stepped. We are extremely pleased with the final result as the club enters a new dawn.”