Sheffield Eagles

Supporters Association Meeting

10th October 2019, 12:27

Supporters Association Meeting

Sheffield Eagles Supporters are holding a meeting at Attercliffe Liberal Club on Wednesday 23rd October at 7.00pm.

The meeting to help supporters formulate a 'Sheffield Eagles Supporters Association'.

The concept of reforming the association has been mooted for some time by a number of supporters and the club has worked closely over the past few months with a group of supporters to hopefully help this come to fruition.

The association would be run solely by the supporters, being a separate organisation from the club with the main aims and objectives of the association to be decided upon by its members.

The consensus of the supporters who have worked on bringing things to this stage is that the associations aims will be to:

  1. Help supporters better engage outside of the usual match day setting.
  2. A formal channel through which to communicate with the club and other bodies (e.g Sheffield City Council)
  3. Support the club financially through a 'Squad Builder' type fund.

All supporters are welcomed and encouraged to attend and nominations for positions in the association can be put forward in advance of the meeting.

Positions will be as follows:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer 
  • Social Secretary 

People can put forward their own nominations with brief explanation for them to in advance of the meeting.

A representative of the club will also be in attendance to answer any questions separate from the association.