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Commercial Corner with Mark Hannigan

8th January 2019, 06:55

Commercial Corner with Mark Hannigan

As the 2019 season looms large it is a busy time of year for Sheffield Eagles’ Commercial Director, Mark Hannigan.

After receiving great feedback on the new kits, while also bringing new sponsors on board and seeing an increase in season membership sales, Hannigan is certainly pleased with the progress that has been made.

The introduction of a new online club shop has certainly helped boost the coffers too which is another reason for Hannigan to be cheerful.

“The retail side of things is a huge revenue stream for this club and I know the fans have been crying out for it (Eagles’ own online shop) for ages so I am glad we have the facility do to that now,” he said.

“Liam has put a lot of work into the online shop and we are getting an array of products in from shirts, training kit, hats. We have put in some t-shirt printing kits with some bespoke designs going online in the next few weeks so we are trying to increase our retail offering.”

The new kits received praise on social media and from fans at last month’s Supporters Night and there has been a few changes in regard to sponsors.

While a number of businesses are into their second season of sponsorship, Hannigan was delighted to welcome GRI back as the main shirt partner while CJTM have come on board as sponsors on the back of the playing shorts.

“It has been great to have had a certain number of our sponsors stay on the kit for a second season,” Hannigan added.

“I think the only shirt change was GRI coming back and we have got a sponsor on the back of the shorts as well so a big thanks to CTJM for supporting us as well!

“It’s getting a new sponsor on board (in CTJM), it’s a local business, and again we have not had to go down the road of betting companies or payday loans.

“These are local businesses of all sizes which is fantastic.”

The Eagles secured their Championship status during a turbulent first year back in the Steel City and now Hannigan feels is the time for progress to be made, both on and off the field.

“I never really comment on rugby but we do have the best coach available to us to be able to succeed,” he said.

“All we are trying to do on the commercial side, and as Directors, is to give Mark Aston the best opportunity we can while keeping the club on an even keel to succeed.

“It’s not been easy and there’s probably still some tough hoops to jump going forward but we are miles ahead of where we were.

“The fans are great, the number of season tickets we have sold has gone up, and that does knock-on to the commercial side as well.

“We are trying to get businesses on board to sponsor matches, have pitch boards, programme adverts.

“Things are going really well and if anyone wants to put their business forward for any of this, that would be great!”

If you wish to get involved with the Eagles, please contact Mark Hannigan via email at

By Dan Fowler