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Fozard reflects on

29th September 2018, 17:55

Fozard reflects on "rollercoaster" Eagles journey

Following the announcement that Matty Fozard will be leaving the club at the end of the season, Dan Fowler caught up with the Eagles vice-captain to recap on his three-years in the Steel City.

DF: Matty, by the time this article is released it will be announced that you are leaving the club. I imagine it was a tough decision?

MF: Yeah, it was always going to be a tough decision to leave. It has been my home for three years, I moved straight into the deep end by coming straight here.

It has been a rollercoaster three years but a fantastic three years on my behalf with the amount of games I have played, the lads I’ve got to meet and the fans who have been fantastic from day one and the coaching staff. I can’t thank them all enough.

The three years have been a rollercoaster but what a fantastic three years I have had.

DF: The Eagles were your first permanent club after St Helens, you have come all the way through to being vice-captain this year so it has been quite the journey for you?

MF: Like you said it has been a mad journey for me. I was second choice hooker when I first come, behind Keal Carlile who taught me a lot when he was here.

The last two years I have been the number nine, last season I didn’t miss a game and this year I’ve missed one game through injury.

This year I have been lucky enough to be vice-captain and also lead out the team when Jamesy has been injured which is massive for me at 23 to do that.

It has been a massive achievement and the amount of opportunities I have had since I have been here I’ll never ever forget them, and there’s definitely no regrets.

I love this club with all my heart and every time I have put the shirt on I’ve always given 110% for the fans and for the team.

DF: There have been many highlights and some lowlights in the rollercoaster journey. There is a lot to go through but what good things stick out for you?

MF: Those two Shield finals were fantastic, but obviously heartbreaking to lose them both.

The Summer Bash against Swinton last year was a great achievement for me, getting the Man of the Match.

Getting the vice-captain role was big for me too but getting the chance to lead the team out has been a highlight over the three years.

The fact that Tubbs and Keith believed in me to have a part of the captaincy role will stick with me.

DF: Obviously everyone knows the Eagles aren’t known for the amount of fans they have but they are as loyal as they come. You have been a fan favourite ever since you started. Could you have wished for a better bond between the fans and yourself?

MF: The fans have been one of the main parts of me staying at this club. They have been fantastic from the very first day.

Slowly through the first year, you get to know them more and know them on first-name basis and as the years have gone by we’ve got closer than closer.

Big shout out to Katie who is obsessed with me but in all seriousness the fans have made me feel happier since I’ve been here.

The comments and support they give me puts a smile on my face, I’m always wanting to give 110% for them because I know how much money they spend.

I know the three years have been tough but as long as I can come off the field knowing I have done a good job, and they know I have done a good job, that’s what makes me happy and that’s why I loved playing for this club.

DF: Obviously the announcement of the departures says that you are joining a Championship club so you may be coming up against the Eagles next year. I bet that’s a fixture you’ll be keeping your eye on and looking forward to coming back to?

MF: I didn’t think I’d ever go to another Championship club but when it does get released, it will be happening.

It’ll be weird going up against some of the lads, Tubby probably knows all my negatives so he’ll be hammering me more than likely!

The relationship what I have with the fans, hopefully they won’t give me too much grief.

I’ll always go over to them after the game because the three years I have had with them have been the best of my life and I’ll probably always call Sheffield my home.

I left my mum’s house, came straight into the deep end here, did the full shabang and hopefully they will welcome me back with open arms.

I’d also quickly like to thank Liam Claffey for what he has done over the years, Keith has been fantastic in giving me confidence and then there’s Tubby..

We have a real good relationship, he has been another main part of me staying here because the amount of belief and confidence he has given me has made me enjoy rugby league.

He has made me into a better rugby league player and a better human being."

Will 'Fozzy' end his Eagles tenure with a victory? 

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