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Eagles On Tour - Where You Play We Follow

13th November 2017, 15:33

Eagles On Tour - Where You Play We Follow

Sheffield Eagles fans Jenny and Dan Crofts met a familiar face during the second week of the Rugby League World Cup..

"It's not the heat that kills you here, it's the humidity" said the lady in the Tourist Office and was the reason our conquering of Castle Hill (a few metres short of being classed as a mountain) started at 8am before it got too hot. I have the utmost respect for anyone doing any form of physical activity in 31+ degrees, let alone playing such a physically demanding sport as ours.

Game day saw some accidental Brian McDermott stalking - counting his players on to the coach like a school teacher on a trip and a solo post-match walk through town later on - and we were on our way to the Cowboys' ground for the double header.

The USA were out played by the Italians with both sides well supported by their respective resident communities and in the words of one American fan "us band wagon jumping Aussies".

Wales were unfortunately out played by a star studded Fijian side, however our own Matty Fozard gave his all as usual. We gave him a cheer every time he came up on the big screen but the Fiji Bati were too strong.

The bus ride back into town was eventful with the vast majority of the passengers Wales supporters/Aussies with three lone Fiji fans. You had to feel for the bus driver who was subjected to a 20 minute singalong led by two Welshmen including a rousing rendition of 'Delilah'.

All in all Townsville delivered tropical weather, a beautiful coastline and proof, if it was ever needed, that rugby league has the best fans in the world!